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Diagnosis of teeth

Dental care begins with a dental consultation. During the conversation with the patient, the doctor will find out the details of the development of the disease, the features and symptoms of the course of this or that violation, and get acquainted with the results of past diagnostic procedures.

Art restoration of teeth

Art restoration is a way to restore or adjust the shape and color of a tooth with the help of various filling materials. Such restoration is also called “aesthetic” or “cosmetic”, since the ultimate goal is to achieve a high aesthetics of the tooth.

Prosthetic teeth

Prosthetics is the restoration of the anatomical shape of a tooth with its severe destruction or the manufacture of a new tooth in its absence. Prosthetics is performed by an orthopedic surgeon together with a dental technician in a laboratory.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure for changing the shade of tooth enamel. Tooth whitening belongs to the field of cosmetic dentistry and has a number of supporters and opponents

Surgical Dentistry

Surgical dentistry is a section of dentistry, practicing such treatment methods as: tooth preservation operations, bone grafting, preparation and implantation of teeth, as well as a variety of aesthetic operations in periodontology.


Orthodontics is a section of dentistry that studies the etiology, diagnosis, methods of prevention and treatment of tooth-maxillary anomalies. The primary target of interventions in orthodontics is the chewing speech apparatus of children and adolescents.

Children's dentistry

Children’s dentistry is always relevant and in demand, because the health of the child directly depends on the health of the teeth as a whole. The principle of our dentistry “sterile, high quality, painless” is certainly applicable to the treatment of the smallest patients. Diseases of children’s teeth (both dairy and permanent) do not change, but the treatment methods have changed in a revolutionary way.
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